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Hemorrhoidal blood vessels are located inside the anal canal. These veins can become enlarged and inflamed resulting in mild to severe discomfort. A hemorrhoidal inflammation is triggered by an increased pressure on the rectal area, but this is not the only reason for the occurrence of hemorrhoids. In fact there are several causes of hemorrhoids, each of them leading to the development of different sizes and types of hemorrhoids. This is why treating hemorrhoids means, first of all, understanding the triggers of this condition, and only after this, can the appropriate cure be selected.

Causes of Hemorrhoids

Among all hemorrhoids causes, when genetic predisposition is the most difficult to factor to control. Some people are born with weaker veins, meaning their blood vessel walls are more sensitive to internal or external pressures. When the pressure around the anal blood vessels increases due to straining and hard stools, the vein becomes larger, so there’s an increased risk of blood clot formation in the vessel, leading to the development of thrombosed hemorrhoids.

Another major cause of hemorrhoids is obesity. In overweight patients, a lot of excess weight is carried and lifted each and every time they stand up and simply walk. This extra load causes an excessive pressure on the anal region, especially when the person is sitting. In fact obese patients who are already affected by this condition, can aggravate existing hemorrhoids by prolonged sitting.

A similar mechanism is a cause of hemorrhoids in pregnant women, when the body has to cope with having to carry additional weight, especially in the last trimester and the extreme pressure caused during the time of delivery. Just like the previously mentioned causes of hemorrhoids, pregnancy is also an important trigger and it’s really difficult to prevent hemorrhoids in women who are about to give birth. Existing or persistent hemorrhoids can cause very unpleasant symptoms in pregnant women, varying from pain, bleeding and itching to burning sensation and a great degree of of discomfort, making the pregnancy even more difficult.

Constipation is often mentioned as the main trigger factor for hemorrhoids, but the truth is that this digestive imbalance is not the only reason. People suffering from chronic constipation tend to strain when evacuating their bowels and this puts recurring and increased pressure on the rectum, causing the blood vessels to swell. On the other hand, laxatives used by sufferers to treat constipation can generate diarrhea, which can also damage the veins and will lead to swollen, painful hemorrhoids. So in these patients, the question is not how do you get hemorrhoids, but what can you do to avoid them? And the answer is quite simple: change your diet and opt for more healthy foods if you want to get rid of all the pain and discomfort that even a simple hemorrhoid can cause!

  • Bad toilet habits, such as adopting a wrong position on the toilet seat or wiping too hard, can also cause hemorrhoids.
  • The loss of tissue elasticity associated with aging is a common cause of hemorrhoids in older people.
  • Besides these, other causes of hemorrhoids include anal intercourse with or without specific lubricants, heavy lifting and liver diseases.

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Symptoms of Hemorrhoids

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Hemorrhoid Treatment

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Hemorrhoid Suppositories

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Hemorrhoid Cushion

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