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hemorrhoid pain | painful hemorrhoids | hemorrhoid pain reliefPainful Hemorrhoids and Hemorrhoid Pain Relief

Only someone who has experienced this ailment can really understand just how painful hemorrhoids are and how much they can affect one’s self confidence and trust regarding medical solutions. Therefore getting fast hemorrhoid pain relief is certainly the main objective of any patient affected by this condition. However the truth is, that finding an effective hemorrhoid treatment, which can deliver permanent results can be difficult, even though there are countless products and various methods available.

Dealing with hemorrhoids is often unpleasant and can be disturbing, not only due to hemorrhoids symptoms, but also because most patients feel acutely embarrassed to talk about it even to their medical care providers. This is why a large number of sufferers turn to over the counter or natural and holistic remedies.

Let’s talk about the available methods for effective hemorrhoid pain relief!

There are a wide range of well known natural hemorrhoid creams available on the market nowadays, including the products developed by Preparation H or Tucks and most of them have analgesic and anesthetic properties, reducing the typical hemorrhoid pain. Pharmaceutical ointments and gels are also able to bring relief to hemorrhoid sufferers. These products are usually based on a combination of active ingredients, such as hydrocortisone or zinc oxide, but they can also contain herbal ingredients like aloe vera, witch hazel, lime or horse chestnut.

Local anesthetics creams and hemorrhoid suppositories are used to reduce some of the symptoms, such as itching, burning and pain by blocking the sensory nerve stimulation in the rectal area. While suppositories are more efficient in healing internal hemorrhoids, local anesthetics have a limited use to the lower anal canal and perianal area. Generally, suppositories act as vasoconstrictors, reducing the inflammation and swelling, therefore allowing hemorrhoids pain relief. There are also vasoconstrictors that can be taken orally, but they have the potential to interact with others drugs, so it’s well worth checking with a doctor before using them. Oral pain-killers, such as acetaminophen, are often used by hemorrhoids sufferers to reduce hemorrhoid pain and other symptoms associated with this ailment.

As for non-pharmaceutical hemorrhoid treatment methods, sitz baths are by far the most popular. You will only need a ceramic or plastic basin which can be easily found in pharmacies, warm water and optionally, salt or ice cubes to obtain maximum therapeutic benefit. Warm water reduces hemorrhoids pain and bleeding and also keeps the skin hydrated and clean. These alternative treatments can be used alone or in a combination treatment strategy, as they have different benefits. Unfortunately, all these natural and non-invasive healing methods give temporary relief from the symptoms, so there is always a risk that the painful hemorrhoids will worsen and deteriorate to the extent that the sufferer will probably opt for hemorrhoid surgery to get remove them.

Surgical procedures include:

The objective of all of these procedures is to remove the hemorrhoid permanently, by injecting a pharmaceutical agent (sclerotherapy), obstructing the blood flow to the hemorrhoid (rubber banding, coagulation, laser therapy) or by cutting off the pile and the tissue around it (hemorrhoidectomy). These treatments can bring hemorrhoid pain relief, but unfortunately they are curative and not preventive so the risk of new hemorrhoids is not eliminated, so a sedate and inactive lifestyle will certainly have the potential to trigger new hemorrhoids.

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