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external hemorrhoid treatment | external hemorrhoids treatment | treatment for external hemorrhoids | external hemorrhoids | external hemorrhoid | external hemorrhoids treatmentWhen looking for an external hemorrhoid treatment, it is vital that you investigate the root cause of your external hemorrhoids, as there are different treatment methods for different cases.

To understand how an external hemorrhoid has developed is an integral part of the process that allows you to choose the most effective strategy for achieving a cure. An external hemorrhoid develops under the skin surrounding the anal orifice, therefore even a single swollen blood vessel can be intensely painful and distressing.

It is in the patients’ best interests to do their best to keep the symptoms from getting worse, as severe cases of hemorrhoids will require invasive treatment methods and surgical intervention. So if your hemorrhoids aren’t too severe, but they do present the typical manifestations, such as a burning sensation, painful bowel movements, bleeding, itching and irritation, the best thing you can do is to try some natural and herbal remedies first. External hemorrhoids are usually easier to treat with topical creams and ointments, sitz baths and ice cubes.

If using topical hemorrhoid creams, opt for a product that contains anesthetic such as benzocaine, benzyl alcohol or lidocaine. It will alleviate the pain and reduce the irritation, therefore reducing the impact of the condition on the sufferer’s life.

Pharmaceutical ointments, such as the ones developed by Preparation H or Tucks are another good alternative, as most of them contain vaso-constrictors, these being chemical agents that reduce swelling and prevent blood clot formation, and therefore hemorrhoidal thrombosis. Their use is also excellent method of obtaining rapid relief from itching and pain due to their mild anesthetic effect. So if you opt for this treatment for external hemorrhoids, look for ointments and gels containing ephedrine sulfate or epinephrine.

Astringents are also efficient in reducing the symptoms of any external hemorrhoid. These agents can be found in witch hazel and aloe vera gels, and they’re very popular due to their ability of drying and cooling the hemorrhoid, providing fast relief.

Besides these external hemorrhoids treatment methods, sitz baths and ice cubes can be used for reducing the size of the hemorrhoid and bleeding. This can be very affordable, as it only requires warm water, ice and a ceramic or plastic basin, which can be found in any drugstore or pharmacy. Warm water is known for its beneficial effect on any swollen and painful external hemorrhoid, regardless of its severity. For the most effective results, ice cubes and salt can be added inside the sitz bath.

When non invasive external hemorrhoid treatment methods do not succeed then surgical methods become the treatment of choice. A larger external hemorrhoid can be hard to heal if the patient relies only on herbal cures, so in some cases, surgical hemorrhoid treatment is surely the only option available. Depending on how advanced the piles are, your physician may recommend one of the following external hemorrhoid treatments:

As you can see, there are multiple options but choosing the right external hemorrhoids treatment is vital for achieving permanent cure. However, surgery itself can’t achieve miracles, or at least not in patients whose lifestyle has underlying risks that can cause the recurrence of hemorrhoids.

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Hemorrhoid Surgery

This surgical hemorrhoid treatment option – also referred to as hemorrhoidectomy – is usually recommended when hemorrhoids and the symptoms associated with this painful condition continue to persist. However, more often than not cases of hemorrhoids do not require surgical removal, as they retract by themselves if effectively managed with a proven natural treatment strategy. [...read more]

Hemorrhoid Cream

Hemorrhoids symptoms can be very painful and disturbing, causing physical discomfort and anxiety for the sufferer. Hemorrhoids are inflamed, enlarged and painful blood vessels, which are located inside the anus. They can become irritated and swollen due to increased pressure around the recto-anal region as well as straining during bowel movements. This condition is acutely embarrassing for most patients, so many try to find a cure themselves and rely on various hemorrhoid creams, ointments or gels. [...read more]

Preparation H

Preparation H is a very popular hemorrhoids medication, which comes in various forms and is usually used for treating external hemorrhoids. Some of these products use water or petroleum jelly as a base, while others contain various pharmacological ingredients. This brand has expanded its presence over the years and the range of their products have consistently grown. Nowadays, you can choose from Preparation H suppositories, wipes and ointments, Preparation H cream or gels. [...read more]

Thrombosed External Hemorrhoid

The term thrombus describes blood clots that occur inside the blood vessels due to some changes in blood’s composition, to a slowed blood flow or to damages in veins’ walls. Thrombosed hemorrhoids are actually anal blood vessels in which blood clots form, leading to swelling, inflammation and pain. The right treatment of thrombosed hemorrhoid is most of the time determined by the level of hemorrhoid pain the sufferer experiences. [...read more]

Sitz Bath for Hemorrhoids

Using a sitz bath is a popular hemorrhoid home treatment option. It is often referred to as a hip bath and it is a basin made of ceramic or plastic materials. It is used in treating various conditions, such as post childbirth injuries and bruising or hemorrhoids. The bath is large enough to allow you to sit inside it comfortably and its walls are tall enough to keep your hips covered with water. Some of these sitz baths allow you to constantly add warm water, preventing it from getting cold and redirecting the overflow into the toilet. [...read more]