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What is the Best Hemorrhoid Treatment and What Makes it Best?

With so many hemorrhoid treatment methods and strategies available, it can certainly be very disturbing and stressful to see your hemorrhoids recur repeatedly, despite all your efforts. If you’re among those people whose lives have been affected by persistent, recurring hemorrhoids, I’m sure you often wonder what the best hemorrhoid treatment is and if any of the available healing methods has the ability to permanently eliminate this distressing and painful condition.

Understanding the fact that hemorrhoids themselves as well as hemorrhoid symptoms are so different and caused by a multitude of triggers, it’s almost impossible to anticipate the results of one single form of treatment. But as a hemorrhoid sufferer, you have to be confident and try those cures that have been proven to bring good results in a large number of users.

Therefore if you are affected by internal hemorrhoids for example, you can try treatment strategies, such as pharmaceutical hemorrhoid suppositories, dietary changes and home remedies such as sitz baths or ice cubes compresses, but possibly the best treatment for hemorrhoids in your situation is probably a surgical option. This is due to evidence that proves the fact that internal piles are harder to eliminate through natural cures and they often come back when triggering factors are not addressed and eliminated. So for treating internal hemorrhoids you can opt for rubber band ligation, sclerotherapy or hemorrhoidectomy.

If you’re trying to treat and cure external hemorrhoids, the best hemorrhoid treatment can be a pharmaceutical cream or a natural ointment, however the results really depend on how advanced your condition is. You can try creams and gels containing hydrocortisone, zinc oxide, aloe vera, witch hazel or horse chestnut, or you can go for lifestyle changes, such as adopting a daily schedule that is a less passive one. But in some cases, no matter how strictly you adhere to the treatment, if the hemorrhoids persistently recur then the only alternative is surgical removal. Similar to internal hemorrhoids, external hemorrhoids can be eliminated through hemorrhoidectomy or less invasive surgical methods, such as hemorrhoid laser treatment or infrared coagulation.

Painful thrombosed hemorrhoids cannot be eliminated only with natural cures, as they are too advanced in most cases. A thrombosed hemorrhoid is actually a very large blood vessel containing blood clots which are the cause of a great deal of pain and discomfort. Due to the severity of this condition it requires an invasive form of hemorrhoid treatment this in most cases will involve surgery.

As a pregnant woman, you should be very careful when adopting a hemorrhoid cure. Although this condition is common to almost all expectant mothers, it’s still hard to pinpoint what is the best hemorrhoids treatment, because every pregnancy is different and each case has various underlying factors that may have a particular way of reacting to medical and natural remedies. Being aware of the fact that pregnancy is often associated with hemorrhoids, is very important due to the fact that it maybe possible to take preventive steps to avoid this illness altogether, but without threatening the baby’s health. So the best cure for hemorrhoids in pregnant women is actually prevention! The safest way to do this is to include a larger portion of fiber rich foods in your diet, to drink more water and to avoid food and beverages that could cause constipation. Also, reduce the sitting time and take frequent walks to decrease pressure on the anal veins. You can also try sitz baths and natural creams, but make sure these are entirely made of herbal components therefore reducing the risk of side effects Certain products are available that are recommended for pregnant women.

All these treatments can provide fast relief from hemorrhoids signs and symptoms; surgical techniques can remove the entire swollen blood vessel and also the affected tissue surrounding the hemorrhoid. Unfortunately, none of these surgical methods can prevent hemorrhoids from recurring, and this should actually be the objective of the best hemorrhoid treatment. The aim of a good cure should be to remove the existing hemorrhoids and at the same time, prevent other hemorrhoids from developing.

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Hemorrhoid Cushion

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Sitz Bath Instructions

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Preparation H

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