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Hemorrhoid Treatment at Home

Finding an efficient and affordable hemorrhoid home remedy should be the first objective of anyone who suffers from hemorrhoids. Instead of consulting a physician, most of the patients would benefit from using alternative treatments that can provide relief from the distressing symptoms caused by hemorrhoids such as bleeding, pain, itching, a burning sensation and irritated skin. Sufferers opt for a hemorrhoid treatment at home because they feel embarrassed to talk about their condition and they also try to avoid surgical interventions as much as is possible.

Natural remedies for hemorrhoids are gaining popularity because they are less expensive, less invasive and painful, but also because these cures are more accessible to a large number of people.

Hemorrhoid home treatment options include:

A specific hemorrhoids diet is defined by an increased amount of foods rich in fiber, plenty of water and a reduction in spicy, greasy and processed foods. By adopting these dietary changes, any hemorrhoid sufferer can reduce the troublesome pain experienced during bowel movements. Foods that are rich in fibers help in softening the stools, this means that the sufferer has a reduction in friction during bowel movements. Less strain means less pressure on the anal blood vessels, therefore the risk of developing new hemorrhoids is considerably reduced, as well as an increase in the swelling of existing hemorrhoids. So we can conclude that dietary changes are not only a great hemorrhoid home remedy, but also an efficient preventive measure!

Another good hemorrhoid home treatment is taking warm sitz baths several times a day, for 10-15 minutes. Warm water added to the ceramic or plastic basin helps the sphincter muscles relax; therefore the pain associated with hemorrhoids is reduced. For proper results, salt or baking soda can be added to the water. This treatment method is efficient for sore external hemorrhoids and internal hemorrhoids as well, but it should be avoided when the hemorrhoids are large and thrombosed. Also, the water inside the bath should be kept warm and not hot, because high temperatures can cause the hemorrhoids to bleed more.

After each sitz baths, the affected skin should be cleaned with a soft towel or better, with medicated wipes such as Tucks pads. These special medicated pads contain witch hazel, which is known for its beneficial effects on hemorrhoids. A powerful astringent such as, witch hazel is used to reduce the inflammation and to bring relief from itching, burning and irritation. Due to their active ingredients, the medicated pads are helpful in cooling and soothing the entire affected region.

Witch hazel can also be found in other natural remedies for hemorrhoids, such as over the counter hemorrhoid creams and ointments. Besides this ingredient, most of these creams contain herbs such as aloe vera, horse chestnut, ginger roots or garlic extracts, which help in improving blood circulation, strengthening the blood vessels’ walls, alleviating the pain and itch as well as preventing irritation. One of the best hemorrhoid home treatment creams is Preparation H, which reduces the discomfort, makes bowel movements less painful and shrinks the swollen hemorrhoidal tissue.

For quick pain relief, there are also special cushions that can be used along with other hemorrhoid treatment at home. These cushions can be found in two different shapes, these being a doughnut or a ring, and they are designed to reduce the pressure on the anal region and blood vessels while sitting. Due to their special form, these cushions can be placed on any chair. Also, the soft consistency of the component materials makes them very comfortable and very suitable for both internal and external hemorrhoids.

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Best Treatment for Hemorrhoids

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Preparation H

This brand has expanded its presence over the years and the range of their products have consistently grown. Nowadays, you can choose from Preparation H suppositories, creams and ointments, Preparation H wipes or gels. Considering the fact that most of the Preparation H ingredients are herbal and natural, these products have fewer side effects compared to traditional medicines and can be purchased and used even without a medical prescription.[...read more]

Hemorrhoids Diet

A hemorrhoids diet is a painless and affordable alternative when it comes to reducing symptoms or even eliminating hemorrhoids. Although dieting alone cannot achieve miracles for third or fourth degree hemorrhoids, for less advanced cases some simple changes in one’s dietary habits can be more than enough to bring relief or even get rid of them for good. How to treat hemorrhoids through dietary changes? Eating healthy foods is essential not only for people affected by different medical conditions, but also for those in a good health. [...read more]

Hemorrhoid Cushion

Amongst all the available hemorrhoid treatment alternatives, there’s one innovative product that allows hemorrhoids sufferers to sit down without having any unpleasant sensation and without feeling any pain, this is the hemorrhoid cushion. Due to its shape it is also called ‘doughnut cushion’. This item is designed specifically to help alleviate the pain associated with external or internal prolapsed hemorrhoids. [...read more]

Sitz Bath

Using a sitz bath is a popular hemorrhoid treatment option. It is often referred to as a hip bath and it is a basin made of ceramic or plastic materials. It is used in treating various conditions, such as post childbirth injuries and bruising or hemorrhoids. The bath is large enough to allow you to sit inside it comfortably and its walls are tall enough to keep your hips covered with water. [...read more]


For all the symptoms associated with this embarrassing illness, Tucks has created special medicated products, such as Tucks wipes, ointments, creams and suppositories. Tucks pads are especially formulated to deal with the stress created by painful wiping. These soft pads are wet medicated wipes, treated with witch hazel. Due to their high concentration in witch hazel, these pads are excellent in relieving itching, swelling, irritation and pain that is experienced by hemorrhoids sufferers. [...read more]