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Amongst all the available hemorrhoid treatment alternatives, there’s one innovative product that allows hemorrhoids sufferers to sit down without having any unpleasant sensation and without feeling any pain, this is the hemorrhoid cushion.

Due to its shape it is also called ‘doughnut cushion’. This item is designed specifically to help alleviate the pain associated with external or internal prolapsed hemorrhoids.

The main role of this hemorrhoid home treatment is to make sitting comfortable, especially for people who have a sedentary job and spend lots of time in front of their work desks. But these people aren’t the only sufferers who can benefit from the use of hemorrhoid cushions. Anyone affected by hemorrhoids can use this item while sitting down even for a short period of time. Due to its portable nature this soft still resistant cushion can be easily moved from one chair to another, therefore the patient has the opportunity to take it with them whenever it maybe needed.

The hemorrhoids cushion has an innovative design, with a resistant outer structure and a hole in the center of the cushion. Actually, the products shape is similar to a lifebuoy. While the external material has to be strong enough to support the pressure induced by the sufferer’s weight, the central hole allows the patient to sit on the cushion without putting additional pressure upon the swollen hemorrhoid. When sitting, the affected region (the skin surrounding the anus) is situated exactly above the hole, so no additional pressure is generated on the irritated hemorrhoidal tissue.

There are actually two main design shapes for a hemorrhoid cushion other than the already mentioned ‘O’ or ring shaped cushion, there are also hemorrhoid cushions that like conventional pillows. However just like the ring shape cushions, these are especially designed and created to relieve pain and discomfort and reduce the pressure on the anal area. However, the pillow design doesn’t offer the same comfort, as it only provides a softer surface for the sufferer to sit on.

Both ring shaped and doughnut cushions can be found in inflatable and solid foam designs. These items are able to prevent new external hemorrhoids from developing and also to assist in reducing typical hemorrhoid symptoms. As regular chairs don’t provide enough comfort and support for someone affected by piles, these cushions are a perfect alternative. The only disadvantage is that they cannot be taken public places as most patients would feel embarrassed to do so.

If you in the process of considering whether to buy a hemorrhoid cushion, it is very important that you try out different products before purchasing one. You’ll be using it for long periods of time so you have to make sure it’s perfect for your body. This is why there should be no sense of embarrassment when asking the seller to let you try it! Check the material, the size and the design. Another good idea would also be to measure the chairs you have at home and see if their diameter matches the cushion’s size. Regardless of whether you buy and use a hemorrhoids cushion or not, it is important to stand up from time to time and walk around as part of your daily routine, in order to take pressure off the hemorrhoids!

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