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preparation h cream | preparation h suppositories | preparation h ingredients | preparation h ointmentWhat is Preparation H and How Can You Benefit from Using it?

Preparation H is a very popular hemorrhoids medication, which comes in various forms and is usually used for treating external hemorrhoids. Some of these products use water or petroleum jelly as a base, while others contain various pharmacological ingredients. This brand has expanded its presence over the years and the range of their products have consistently grown. Nowadays, you can choose from Preparation H suppositories, creams and ointments, Preparation H wipes or gels.

Considering the fact that most of the Preparation H ingredients are herbal and natural, these products have fewer side effects compared to traditional medicines and can be purchased and used even without a medical prescription. However, to obtain optimum results for hemorrhoids treatment, physicians recommend a combination of medical methods or products and natural or herbal cures.

Being given the wide range of products available under this brand, choosing the most efficient Preparation H form really depends on your hemorrhoids symptoms. A Preparation H cream, for example, is recommended for treating small to medium sized, itchy external hemorrhoids and needs to be applied directly to the affected skin. Ointments are meant to bring quick relief to both external and internal hemorrhoids and the hemorrhoid suppositories are more effective if used after bowel movements.

You may be asking now: does Preparation H work for prolapsed or advanced, bleeding hemorrhoids, such as the grade three or four types? Well, the truth is that these products are excellent in reducing the pain, the itching sensation as well as the discomfort caused by bowel movements and the swelling or bleeding. But these preparations cannot guarantee success if used alone. Of course, you can use a Preparation H suppository for reducing the discomfort and pain associated with your internal hemorrhoids, it is nice to get immediate relief. However, if you also want to avoid any re-growth, it’s better to use this healing method in combination with a with a more comprehensive, holistic hemorrhoid home treatment strategy.

If you’re looking for a product that will put an end to all the itching, irritation and swelling, then Preparation H ointment can be a good choice. The medicated wipes used for cleaning the anal area after bowel movements will remove any bacterial contamination while providing fast and effective hemorrhoid pain relief at home or while you are on the go. Because Preparation H gel is rapidly absorbed it is useful in shrinking swollen hemorrhoidal tissues and relieving external discomfort.

Just like with other medicines, these products can cause some side effects, when used incorrectly. Possible Preparation H side effects are:

  • allergic reactions to some of the ingredients resulting in rash, itching or breathing difficulties
  • anal bleeding and soiling
  • increased inflammation and pain
  • increased swelling
  • dizziness
  • high blood pressure

Although this list may look threatening to you, there’s really no reason to worry as long as you follow the instructions provided.

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