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hemorrhoid medication | hemorrhoids medical treatment

Hemorrhoids medical treatment and over the counter hemorrhoid medication are both able to provide relief from the typical symptoms of hemorrhoids, as long as the patient chooses the correct therapies, that complement each other and don’t have any potentially harmful interactions, leading to undesired side-effects.

For many patients, a visit to their physician’s office can be an understandable cause of anxiety, due to the fear of surgical treatments and because of the fact that these procedures are more expensive than over the counter hemorrhoid medication. They may also feel ashamed to talk about their painful condition.

Dealing with hemorrhoids is certainly not easy, but to eliminate the root cause of this ailment one needs to follow certain treatment strategies, regardless of whether they are   invasive or not, or if they are their pharmaceutical or natural and holistic in origin. People affected by hemorrhoids tend to rely on herbal products and home cures only, but the truth is that these therapies, do achieve good results for less advanced hemorrhoids, however they are not so effective when it comes to healing a grade III or IV hemorrhoid. This is why hemorrhoids medical treatment options should be serious consideration by any hemorrhoids sufferer.

Home hemorrhoid medication alternatives include:

  • warm sitz baths in which the patient can add salt or ice cubes
  • topical creams and ointments, usually containing ingredients with anti-inflammatory, analgesic and anesthetic properties. Preparation H is only one example of hemorrhoids creams that were reported to have good results, especially in external hemorrhoids
  • a balanced diet in which fiber rich food should play an important role
  • suppositories containing active ingredients that are able to reduce the internal hemorrhoids size and also treat the pain caused by the symptoms
  • hygienic products such as Tucks wipes, which can be used after each bowel movement for cleaning the area and reducing the bleeding and itching sensation associated with hemorrhoids

The aim of these treatments is to bring relief from hemorrhoids symptoms; in cases of less advanced hemorrhoids, the above solutions are actually very effective! Patients with grade I or II hemorrhoids can get rid of the painful swollen veins by using only over the counter hemorrhoid medication and adopting a more active lifestyle. Besides this, natural and herbal cures are extremely useful as part of a combined treatment strategy during the post operative period, as they are able to prevent the development of new hemorrhoids.

On the other hand, the surgical hemorrhoids medical treatment alternatives have better results on prolapsed or thrombosed hemorrhoids, as well as on very large anal blood vessels. In these cases preventing recurrence and eliminating the hemorrhoids involves special tools and techniques, such as hemorrhoids laser treatment, rubber band ligation, sclerotherapy or hemorrhoidectomy. These treating methods are more conventional and although they can remove hemorrhoids for good, new hemorrhoids can still develop. Surgical invasive treatments consist of removing the swollen vein and the tissue surrounding it, while using a local anesthetic for reducing the pain felt by the patient. The less invasive alternatives mentioned above consist of injecting a pharmaceutical agent or using a laser beam to shrink the hemorrhoid. These techniques are suitable for both internal and external hemorrhoids and each of them has its own advantages and disadvantages.

As you can see, hemorrhoid medication and hemorrhoids medical treatment options are complimentary to each other. For long term results, it’s not enough to cut off the hemorrhoids – preoperative over the counter treatments and postoperative natural and herbal remedies are absolutely necessary to prevent new hemorrhoids development and reduce the potential discomfort caused by surgical removal.

Read more about the different types of available hemorrhoid medications:

Hemorrhoid Cream

When hemorrhoids become irritated and swollen due to increased pressure around the recto-anal region as well as straining during bowel movements, this can be acutely embarrassing for most patients, so many try to find a cure themselves and rely on various ointments or gels. And the truth is that a hemorrhoids cream can be very effective when used correctly and combined with other surgical or non-surgical treatment methods. [...read more]

Preparation H

Being given the wide range of products available under this brand, choosing the most efficient Preparation H form really depends on your hemorrhoids symptoms. A Preparation H cream, for example, is recommended for treating small to medium sized, itchy external hemorrhoids and needs to be applied directly to the affected skin. [...read more]

Hemorrhoid Suppositories

Hemorrhoid suppositories, otherwise known as hemorrhoidal suppositories are medications, which are usually manufactured as rounded bullets and they are made to dissolve at body temperature. They contain active ingredients, which are released once they melt. They are used anally and although they are made of non-toxic, waxy materials, some people may be allergic to one or more of their components. [...read more]


For all the symptoms associated with this embarrassing illness, Tucks has created special medicated products, such as  Tucks wipes, ointments, creams and suppositories. Tucks pads are especially formulated to deal with the stress created by painful wiping. These soft pads are wet medicated wipes, treated with witch hazel. Due to their high concentration in witch hazel, these pads are excellent in relieving itching, swelling, irritation and hemorrhoid pain experienced by hemorrhoids sufferers. [...read more]