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hemorrhoid cream | hemroid cream | hemroids creamUsing A Hemorrhoid Cream Can Be Beneficial When Applied as Part of a Comprehensive Treatment Plan

Hemorrhoids symptoms can be very painful and disturbing. This will definitely have a detrimental impact on ones physical health and state of mind. Located inside or around the anus, hemorrhoids swell and expand due to increased pressure which can be caused by straining during bowel movements. This condition has the potential to become acutely embarrassing for most of patients, so many sufferers will try to find a cure by themselves and rely on various ointments or gels. This approach does definitely have success as the use of a hemorrhoid cream can be very efficient when used properly and combined with other surgical or non-surgical treatment methods.

In order to cure hemorrhoids you have to know what triggered them. But finding the proper hemorrhoid treatment usually takes some time, because sufferers often delay seeking medical care. In such situations, just the use of hemorrhoids cream alone is better than ignoring the problem altogether. Whether you choose natural, herbal creams or pharmaceutical ones, most of them are able to offer rapid relief from pain and they also help in reducing the hemorrhoids’ size, when they are not very large or thrombosed. Most commonly, the hemroid cream is for external use only, however there are also products available that can be applied internally as well.

There are many factors that can cause the occurrence of hemorrhoids. These range from poor dietary habits to obesity and lack of physical activity. Also, childbirth, constipation, heavy lifting and prolonged sitting can generate hemorrhoids. Being given the wide range of triggers, it may seem impossible to find one product that has the ability to heal this condition, despite its cause. However, using a hemorrhoid cream will definitely ease the pain and discomforts associated with this condition because of the active ingredients contained in them.

The cream is normally applied on the affected skin around the anus using a special applicator or a soft cotton tissue. As soon as it comes into contact with the swollen vein, the cream calms the inflamed tissue, repairs the damaged vessel and also lubricates the anal canal, making it easier for stools to pass. Special hemorrhoid creams can also assist in restoring normal blood flow to the anal area, but in some cases this can worsen the condition, especially when patient suffers from very large hemorrhoids.

A good hemorrhoid cream is non-irritant, non-allergenic and brings rapid pain relief. Before choosing a product, it’s better to talk with your health care provider, as some of these ointments and gels can contain ingredients which have the potential to interfere with other medications or which can worsen certain existing medical conditions. Most of the hemorrhoid creams available on the market are based on hydrocortisone, which is a strong anti-inflammatory and anti-pruritic agent. Although in most cases this is very efficient in treating hemorrhoids, it shouldn’t be used in patients with heart failure, stomach ulcer, kidney disease, high blood pressure, tuberculosis or myasthenia gravis.

Preparation H is one of the most popular brands producing a wide range of hemorrhoid medication products ranging from creams and ointments to suppositories, gels and wipes. Anusol is also a pharmaceutical cream with good results in treating hemorrhoids. Of course, there are also lots of other products available for treating hemorrhoids, so make sure you ask your physician’s advice before making a decision on the most suitable one for your illness.

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Hemorrhoid Suppositories

Hemorrhoid suppositories are used for the reduction of  hemorrhoids symptoms, such as the itching sensation, pain and swelling that in most cases accompany this condition. Statistics show that more than 80 percent of the population develops hemorrhoids at some point in their lives, but only the most severe cases will lead to intense pain and other unpleasant symptoms. The chances of developing hemorrhoids will increase as you get older, but often young people develop this condition as well. [...read more]

Preparation H

Preparation H is a very popular hemorrhoids medication, which comes in various forms and is usually used for treating external hemorrhoids. Some of these products use water or petroleum jelly as a base, while others contain various pharmacological ingredients. This brand has expanded its presence over the years and the range of their products have consistently grown. Nowadays, you can choose from Preparation H suppositories, creams and ointments, Preparation H wipes or gels. [...read more]

External Hemorrhoids Treatment

When looking for an external hemorrhoid treatment, it is vital that you investigate the root cause of your external hemorrhoids, as there are different treatment methods for different cases. To understand how an external hemorrhoid has developed is an integral part of the process that allows you to choose the most effective strategy for achieving a cure. An external hemorrhoid develops under the skin surrounding the anal orifice, so that even a single swollen blood vessel can be intensely painful and distressing. [...read more]

Internal Hemorrhoids Treatment

Internal hemorrhoids are caused by an increased pressure inside the anal canal, making the veins within this tiny tube swell. As a general rule, when trying to get rid of any illness, you have to identify the root cause and address the factors that caused it. Of course this approach this applies to hemorrhoids as it would with any other illness, therefore if your objective is to obtain effective internal hemorrhoids treatment, make sure you know what triggered your condition! [...read more]

What Causes Hemorrhoids?

In fact there are several causes of hemorrhoids, each of them leading to the development of different sizes and types of hemorrhoids. This is why treating hemorrhoids means, first of all, understanding the triggers of this condition, and only after this, can the appropriate cure be selected. Among all hemorrhoids causes, when genetic predisposition is the most difficult to factor to control. Some people are born with weaker veins, meaning their blood vessel walls are more sensitive to internal or external pressures. [...read more]