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Here’s a question that you don’t have to be embarrassed to answer: Do you suffer from hemorrhoids?

When you experience the itching in places where you can’t possibly scratch in public, the pain as soon as you you sit down, or perhaps if it is bleeding, it can be both upsetting and truthfully, a scary experience.

If you have any or all of these problematic symptoms in your life, you know how it feels … and you know how much you want them gone.

There are a wide variety of hemorrhoids treatment options available, so that your life can be comfortable again. However, before you learn about hemorrhoid treatment options, you need to know more about the condition itself. For example, what are the symptoms of hemorrhoids? Or even, what are hemorrhoids in the first place, aside from itchy, embarrassing and painful; and what leads to their development?

Here you can find facts about hemorrhoids, find out about the symptoms of hemorrhoids, the different types and also about the available hemorrhoid treatment options. You can find natural ways to soothe your body, as well as become aware of other available remedies and solutions. You have several options and the more informed you are, the better you can make sound decisions.

You don’t have to live with hemorrhoids anymore! You can live a pain-free life! When creams and lotions don’t seem to work anymore, or at least not for long, there are other alternatives, which you can look into. You don’t need to consider surgery, being the only treatment option left.

But Let’s Start at the Beginning – What Are Hemorrhoids?

Before we talk about the symptoms of hemorrhoids, you need to understand what they are to begin with. A simple explanation is that they are swollen blood vessels inside or around the area of the rectal opening, often referred to as piles. These vessels can be inflamed internally or externally, there are several types and it is possible to have more than one type at the same time.

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As these blood vessels become more inflamed, they will gradually swell and can potentially become infected. While hemorrhoids are not life-threatening, they can become a chronic, persistent condition and can make a sufferer’s life extremely difficult, as you may be all too aware.

It is especially important to learn about hemorrhoid symptoms. What causes them? Where do they originate from? Are they perhaps related to other underlying conditions? Indeed, the symptoms of hemorrhoids can be often generic and they can mimic several other more serious problems, such as colon cancer, rectal prolapse or inflammatory bowel disease.

Here is a list of the most common symptoms of hemorrhoids, which you need to be aware of:

  • passing blood with your stools, which is typically bright red
  • intense itching inside or around your anal region
  • pain that is made worse by sitting for any length of time, as well as when passing stools
  • swelling or even lumps in the region of the anus, which can break the surface and become infected

The intensity of these symptoms can vary greatly depending on the type, location and the severity of your condition. This is why in order to be able to treat them correctly and to rule out the possibility of cancer or inflammatory bowel disease, it is highly recommended to see your doctor to confirm the diagnosis.

What is the Best  Hemorrhoids Treatment?

There are several treatments for hemorrhoids, and it is possible to cure them permanently, provided that you are using the right management approach. Certain types of hemorrhoid treatments provide quick, temporary relief, while others, which may take a little longer to deliver results, will bring about a complete cure. In other words, some treat the symptoms only by masking them and others will cure them completely by addressing the underlying problems. Of course it is always nice to find immediate relief from the unpleasant symptoms, however, to find permanent relief, you will need to remove the causes of this condition, which we will discuss in depth in the following categories.

Treatment for hemorrhoids is partly about what you take into your body. There are foods, which can definitely cause or at least contribute to your problems and at the same time there are other foods, which can help cure hemorrhoids. You need to know how to treat hemorrhoids, before you can permanently eliminate them from your life. And while lotions and creams can help in the short run, the long-term treatment of hemorrhoids will involve a more comprehensive approach, customized to your unique, individual needs.

Find out more about hemorrhoids symptoms and hemorrhoids treatment options:

Hemorrhoids Treatment

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Hemorrhoids Symptoms

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Hemorrhoid Medication

Hemorrhoids medical treatment and over the counter hemorrhoid medication are both able to provide relief from the typical symptoms of hemorrhoids, as long as the patient chooses the correct therapies, that complement each other and don’t have any potentially harmful interactions, leading to undesired side-effects. For many patients, a visit to their physician’s office can be an understandable cause of anxiety, due to the fear of … […read more]

Hemorrhoid Surgery

Hemorrhoid surgery is an invasive hemorrhoid treatment procedure, performed in patients with grade three or four hemorrhoids in order to remove internal swollen blood vessels. This surgical hemorrhoid treatment option – also referred to as hemorrhoidectomy – is usually recommended when hemorrhoids and the symptoms associated with this painful condition continue to persist. […read more]

Hemorrhoid Home Treatment

Finding an efficient and affordable hemorrhoid home remedy should be the first objective of anyone who suffers from hemorrhoids. Instead of consulting a physician, most of the patients would benefit from using alternative treatments that can provide relief from the distressing symptoms caused by hemorrhoids such as bleeding, pain, itching, a burning sensation and irritated skin. Sufferers opt for a hemorrhoid treatment at home because they feel embarrassed to talk about their condition and they also try to avoid surgical interventions as much as is possible. […read more]